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Hi Future Siri Solvers! Ready to solve some problems while you learn this beautiful European language?

SIRI SOLVERS CHALLENGE: see curriculum for details

In this course, we focus on three simple areas that will have your child speaking, reading and writing basic French language in no time!

With exciting

  • animation videos,
  • songs,
  • gamified learning activities,
  • video lessons and
  • conversation lessons every Saturday, you will enjoy this rich learning experience.

AGE: 5-18

LEVEL: Nyota Level

TIME TO COMPLETE: 9 months (3 months at a time)

WEEKLY COMMITMENT: 2hours per week (1 hour live class, 1 hour mastery practice)

We have divided Nyota Level  into 3 modules which take 12 weeks each (1 Siri term) to complete. Therefore students complete Nyota Level (Level 1) in 9 months. The fee is 4500 per month or 12000 per term

Students will get to know a few ways to use languages to solve problems.

Siri Solvers Challenges

5-8 Years: How can we make French material which is fun for kids?

9-13 Years: Can we make produce digital content which makes French attractive to kids and parents?

14-18 Years: Can we create beautiful exportable material that promotes French language learning?


  • How to read and write French
  • How to greet elders and friends
  • Items in the home
  • Numbers
  • How to express yourself
  • The culture of Franco-phone countries


  • A deep love for Africa and her people - Self Esteem from an Africa perspective
  • A deep understanding of yourself - Self Awareness from an African perspective
  • Problem solving skills - An understanding of how to solve problems in Africa for Africans

Course Includes:


✔️ Bite sized lessons + course divided into 4 parts as well

✔️Games, Activities and worksheets you can print.

✔️ 10  conversation classes every Saturday with learners around the world.


NOTE: Once you purchase it, we create an account for your child and we send you the login details for the campus.

Purchase includes 10 conversation classes and access to lessons, games and assessments.

All Siri Solvers also gain access to many other benefits - see more on About page.

  1. How long does it take to complete the whole beginners course?

It takes 9 months to complete all beginner courses at Siri.

We divide these 9 months into 3 terms of 12 weeks each .

2. Must my child have a laptop to join the classes?

No, a laptop gives the best experience of learning on the campus, but is not a requirement.

Although laptops are the best for online learning, your kids can learn just fine on a phone or tablet.

3. My child goes to boarding school. Can they still learn with you?

Yes! We have many students in boarding schools. As long as they have access to the internet and a computer in their school, they can access virtual classes on the weekends at a time they prefer.

Because our lessons are fun and interactive, we have realised teens don't need to be pushed or reminded to attend.

4. My child missed the live class. Is there a refund or make-up class?

Missing the live class should only happen in a worst case scenario because it is an integral part of their learning. Make up classes - though plausible- are ineffective because the students miss out on the collaborative problem solving experience from their classmates. Therefore, the best option is to access the recording of the class which is always available to students.

No- we do not offer refunds for missed live lessons.

5. Do I have to be present for all the virtual lessons?

For the 1st 2 virtual lessons we advise that a parent or knowledgable adult be in the vicinity during the lesson. This is to assist your child while they familiarise with the campus.

It's also good to be sure you like the teacher and classmates as well as how the class is run 😉


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To enroll your children, please create a parent account first




📚Level: Nyota (Beginner)
⏲Weekly Hours: 
2 hours.
(1hr class + 1hr practice)
Commitment: 36 weeks, 9 months
🗯 Age: 5-18
🗣Language of  instruction: English , French
💻Location: Online classes

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Course registration fee : Ksh 4500 (covers 1st month)
Then Ksh 4500 monthly for 8 months.
Termly payment of Ksh 12000 

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I met you when you started Siri Ya Muziki in a small house in Ngumo and I immediately noted that you are destined for greatness. My kids had learned piano grade 5 in record time, were so motivated to practice. I now realise that is the Siri Method. Problem solving is the missing link! Glad you have realised that and now many more children can benefit! All the best Siri team.

Mrs. E Gichoki

Just started at the soma siri campus while it was in beta testing and already I am so so impressed. Thanks Siri for what you are doing for our kids. My child is seeing things from such a different perspective already. I paid for the full year and I can't wait to see what will happen. Go!Go!Go!

Helen N. Kariuki

My son is a member of a club at a school that teaches using the Siri Method. He really hated French until the Siri team started teaching them. Now he is always doing French and his grade was "Exceeding Expectation" this term. Thanks Wabi and team.

Harsul Hisham

I always noticed that my daughter's self esteem really improved after her lessons at Siri Ya Muziki. I never knew it was because of the method you use. Your method works for sure. The day she held a concert and we had to pay so that she could use the funds to make a sustainable dustbin, I saw exactly what Siri is all about. Looking forward to more

Jonathan Mutula