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Lightly used Kids [MK 906]Keyboard (digital piano)


The MK-906 Keyboard with USB Midi by Gear4music packs tons of great features into an affordable, stylish instrument. The wealth of available options and USB MIDI connectivity make the MK-906 a popular choice with beginners and intermediate players alike.

Nearly New: This product has been opened and used at Siri Ya Muziki but is still in excellent condition. It has no parts or software missing.  This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price.

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User Friendly Design

Coming with 61 touch sensitive keys, the MK-906 keyboard not only looks the part, but is designed with the first time user in mind. The ergonomically designed knobs and controls mean that the 128 realistic voices and rhythms are only a touch away. You can follow all your changes on the brightly lit LCD screen and even use the USB connectivity to turn the keyboard into a MIDI controller.

Impressive Array of Voices, Rhythms and Effects

The Gear4music MK-906 boasts an impressive 128 voices ranging from harpsichord to sitar. The quirky Mk-906 also includes some natural sounds such as birds and applause for the more experimental player!

Alongside this the MK-906 also has 128 built in rhythm functions for accompaniment. The wide range of different musical styles can transform your pieces with a full rich backing. At the touch of a button you effectively have a full house band to play along with. The single finger chord function allows you to control the backing track with ease.

Most keyboards of this range have the familiar 8 percussion pads, however the MK-906 takes this facility to a whole new level with 61 separate percussion sounds assigned to the keys. The MK-906 also comes with the full range of effects that you would expect from a top of the range keyboard. You can fully control sustain, touch sensitivity and transposition. With specific controls for both pitch bend and vibrato this instrument is perfect for those looking to experiment and develop their own style.

Numerous Connectivity Options

Not only is the MK-906 a quality instrument in its own right, but it can also be used as a MIDI controller when connected via a USB cable (sold separately), so no expensive MIDI cables are needed. This enables the use of music recording software on your PC or MAC (sequencing and audio editing software not included.) The keyboard also features the ability to connect speakers for live performance or headphones for quiet practice.

Skill Building Tools

The recording function on the MK906 allows the player to record themselves and playback their music. This is especially rewarding for those just starting out and allows children to hear the progress they make and play back pieces to parents. Listening to yourself means you can really get to grips with how you need to improve your playing and with full tempo and volume control you should progress in leaps and bounds.

Whether you are looking for a user friendly, entry level keyboard with scope to develop as you do, a tool for composition and experimentation or simply a MIDI controller the  MK-906 is an impressive piece of kit at a great price.

Features & Specifications



  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Touch Sensitive: Yes
  • Built In Speakers: Yes
  • Dimensions: 965mm x 368mm x 157mm




  • Timbres: 128
  • Rhythms: 128
  • Percussions: 61
  • Demo Songs: 30




  • Display: LCD
  • Tempo: Yes
  • Volume: Yes




  • Backing: Single Finger, Fingered Chord, Sync, Fill-In, Intro, Ending
  • Rhythm Programming: Yes
  • Metronome: Yes
  • Sustain: Yes
  • Transpose: Yes
  • Pitch Bend: Yes
  • Vibrato: Yes
  • Split: Yes
  • Record and Playback: Yes




  • USB MIDI: Yes
  • Speaker Output: (L/R)
  • Headphone Jack: Yes


Power Supply


  • DC 12V,500mA (Included AC Adaptor)




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An excellent keyboard for learners


Key Features

  • MK-906 Keyboard With USB Midi
  • USB Connectivity
  • MIDI Controller Keyboard
  • Polyphonic Recording Function
  • User-Friendly, Modern Design

It comes with a free music book stand, adapter and manual.

Keyboard stand not included


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