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Learn how to use language skills to solve problems

The Siri Online language school is a Siri Virtual school that allows children 5-17 to learn languages online, using the innovative Siri approach and curriculum.

At the Siri Online Language school languages taught include African Languages such as 

Kiswahili, Kikuyu, Setswana, Igbo, Kenyan Sign Language etc as well as 

World Languages such as Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

The school runs in the same format as Siri Clubs, where students start out at:-

-> level 1 – nyota, 

-> level 2 – almasi,

-> level 3 – shaba

-> level 4 – dhahabu

Students are allowed to complete the course as fast as their ability allows – thus guided self pacing. 

We employ blended learning where children learn independently by watching videos, cartoons, reading, writing as well as weekly conversation classes with their Siri Educator.

Siri educators are certified in the Siri Approach and have  a deep understanding of the tools used to ensure students unlock their potential; DO, BUILD, INNOVATE, INVENT and REINVENT for Africa.