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Learn French Chinese Kikuyu German Kiswahili Spanish to solve problems for Afrika

Siri LINGUA Program

For Linguistically Gifted Problem Solvers

The Siri Lingua Program is an online incubator in which children 5-18, solve an innovation challenge while while learning a language online using the innovative Siri approach.

The innovation challenges age specific, while the curriculum (content which the children learn) is similar.

We employ blended learning; where children learn independently by watching videos, animations, reading, writing as well as weekly conversation classes with their Certified Siri Educator.

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Mon, Jun 28
Tue, Jun 29
Thu, Jul 1
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Sun, Aug 29
02 Jul 2021 - 02 Apr 2022 Starts at 3:50pm | GMT+3 Weekly, Class duration: 60 min Enroll now
29 Aug 2021 - 29 May 2022 Starts at 3:50pm | GMT+3 Weekly, Class duration: 60 min Enroll now
01 Jul 2021 - 01 Apr 2022 Starts at 6:20pm | GMT+3 Weekly, Class duration: 60 min Enroll now
29 Jun 2021 - 29 Mar 2022 Starts at 7:35pm | GMT+3 Weekly, Class duration: 60 min Enroll now
28 Jun 2021 - 28 Mar 2022 Starts at 8:50pm | GMT+3 Weekly, Class duration: 60 min Enroll now

Siri Curriculum Per Level

No matter the language you are learning, we utilise the same curriculum.

The difference is in the Innovation Challenge which is based on the child's age group.

There are 4 levels in the Siri Curriculum. Each level takes 3 terms to complete.

Each Siri Term is 12 weeks long, with 10 live virtual classes and 2 meet-ups with Adult Siri Solvers.

All languages follow the same curriculum, but different age groups have different Innovation Challenges – which means they work on different solutions.

Choose your child's age to see their Innovation Challenge


... and many more African Languages coming soon!

Why trust Siri?

  • We provide a fresh approach to skills education.
  • Our Competency Based approach combined with the digital portfolio and journals; allows kids to have evidence they can later use to gain credits in TVET or University.
  • Our approach is focused on the African child.
  • In addition, we have run our own learning centers at Siri Ya Muziki since 2015 when we first launched our Ngumo Campus, 2018 when we launched our Kikuyu Campus.
  • We believe that skills educators must be trained in the basics of counselling, education and pedagogy and thus we take time to train all our educators – continuously.
Schools we've worked with thus far
Years of experience in skills education
Certified Siri Educators since 2018
Siri Solvers Language Courses

What Parents Say

Mrs. E Gichoki

I met you when you started Siri Ya Muziki in a small house in Ngumo and I immediately noted that you are destined for greatness. My kids had learned piano grade 5 in record time, were so motivated to practice. I now realise that is the Siri Method. Problem solving is the missing link!
Glad you have realised that and now many more children can benefit! All the best Siri team.

Helen N. Kariuki

Just started at the soma siri campus while it was in beta testing and already I am so so impressed. Thanks Siri for what you are doing for our kids. My child is seeing things from such a different perspective already. I paid for the full year and I can’t wait to see what will happen. Go!Go!Go!

Harsul Hisham

My son is a member of a club at a school that teaches using the Siri Method. He really hated French until the Siri team started teaching them. Now he is always doing French and his grade was “Exceeding Expectation” this term. Thanks Wabi and team.

Jonathan Mutula

I always noticed that my daughter’s self esteem really improved after her lessons at Siri Ya Muziki.
I never knew it was because of the method you use. Your method works for sure. The day she held a concert and we had to pay so that she could use the funds to make a sustainable dustbin, I saw exactly what Siri is all about. Looking forward to more