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Would you like to become a Siri Educator?

Siri Educators work at The Siri Consultants , Siri Ya Muziki, Siri Trainers & Facilitators as well as The Siri Online Campus to create lasting, transformative change in our continent- and the world.

We use Siri Education based on The Siri Philosophy to do this.

In order to become a Siri Educator, there are several steps

  1. Join Database: visit and click on join database (here)
  2. Vetting: After you fill the form, wait to receive confirmation of your vetting from The Siri Consultants
  3. Siri Educators Training: Upon successful vetting, you will be invited for a training in Siri Educators Prep Course. This could be a live training, or online training.
  4. Welcome aboard!!! Start getting work and enjoying other benefits of being a Siri Educator
  5. After this you could continue learning to become a Certified Siri Educator, Senior Certified Siri Educator & Master Certified Siri Educator. Each of these ranks has different benefits.

Join our database today and transform generations together with us!

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