TWO pathways to choose from

We have 2 pathways for you and your child to choose from

Choose a course, choose a location and start learning!

Siri Education is designed to create a generation of Skilled, Resilient and Mentally healthy problem solvers for Africa.

Our students are Afrokids living in different countries around the world.


One of the main reasons why people love SIRI is because of our mission. Specially created for the African child, we give special attention to their mental wellness while also equipping them with additional skills such as tech, entrepreneurship and more, at the most affordable rates ever!

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To start preparing your child to innovate, invent and re-invent for Africa.

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Our Partners

We work with top institutions to provide their students with high quality CBC, IGCSE or IB Siri Digital Content for music, languages as well as the Soma Siri Club.
We also partner with African problem solvers either running companies or working in African-owned companies to provide opportunities and mentorship to Siri Solvers.