Learn Music Languages Coding to solve problems for Afrika.


Be a Super Hero for Afrika!

Join SIRI and in 3 steps your child will become a problem solver for our beloved continent.

Prepare them to lead Afrika and create opportunities for themselves and others with Siri Education, right here, at The Siri Online Campus

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1/4 Karibu

Step 1 : LEARN

Turn your interest into a skill

to choose from like Music, Languages, Coding, Baking and more

Experienced and Certified
Siri Educators to teach you

Videos, games, activities and animations
to make your learning super fun and unforgettable

1 on 1 Live Virtual Classrooms
to hold your hand every step of the way

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2/4 Learn

Step 2 :
Design Solutions

As you immerse yourself into the wonderful world of learning, Siri Educators pose an 'Innovation Challenge' which you must use your skill to solve.

This is an age-appropriate real world problem; to get you using your skill to serve and solve!

WOW! So what happens in Step 3 ?
3/4 Design

Step 3: SOLVE!

Here, we help you implement your solution in the real world.

Start building your CV and Network young as you gain real world experience in your skill.

Get to meet and work with adult Problem Solvers in your field!

Meet & Make friends with fellow Siri Solvers around the world

GRADUATE and move to the next SIRI level

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Welcome to The Siri Online Campus

By Soma Siri Afrika

Your Child can be a super hero

We're here to skill them, equip them and mentor them to be Siri Solvers; Africa's Super Heroes.

Soma Siri Afrika is a virtual innovators incubator for children aged 5 – 18.

If your child is gifted or talented, that’s their ‘super power’. 

We want to turn that gift into a functional skill that can create sustainable solutions for Africa.

Is your child gifted & talented?

Their gift is their superpower.

At Siri, we turn gifts and talents into functional skills that can create sustainable solutions for Afrika.

Wherever you are in the world, we prepare your child to innovate and invent for our beloved continent with enriching lessons, counselling, games and immersive experiences that make your child proud of our African heritage.

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Siri Education is designed to create a generation of Skilled, Resilient and Mentally healthy problem solvers for Africa.

Our students are Afrokids living in different countries around the world.


Our virtual campus is filled with rich, age-appropriate content for children.

All the Features: Learner-Led Learning Animated Lessons Mentorship from experienced Afri problem solvers MEMBERS ONLY Kids earn Umeme Points from Siri Gamified Mastery Sets NEW Online Guidance and Counselling Instant Messaging from students to Siri Educators. Direct technical Support SAFE Children's only campus Student's Portfolio & Journal


One of the main reasons why people love SIRI is because of our mission. Specially created for the African child, we give special attention to their mental wellness while also equipping them with additional skills such as tech, entrepreneurship and more, at the most affordable rates ever!

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To start preparing your child to innovate, invent and re-invent for Africa.


Our Partners

We work with top institutions to provide their students with high quality CBC, IGCSE or IB Siri Digital Content for music, languages as well as the Soma Siri Club.
We also partner with African problem solvers either running companies or working in African-owned companies to provide opportunities and mentorship to Siri Solvers.